As with anything done in an office environment, accuracy is the key to a seamless and effective business move. Before you even break out the boxes to pack up an office, take an inventory of items you intend to move, noting their existing condition, and get ready to write up plenty of labels that indicate the contents and new location of every box and item.

Smaller Items

Starting with the smaller items when you pack up an office ensures they’re secure and out of the way. Pack personal items separately and take them home. Clear off and empty your desk, file cabinets, bookcases and other storage units, carefully packing and labeling boxes. Put liquids in sealed plastic bags to prevent leaking, and wrap fragile items to prevent breaking during the business move.

Random pens, pencils and other small supplies travel well in sealed and labeled envelopes you can pack at the top of your moving cartons. Dismantle bulletin boards, packing their contents in envelopes, and remove any wall hangings.


Once your bookcases, cabinets and desks are emptied, tape or lock drawers shut and take out any removable shelves. Tape shelves together and put them in the bottom of the unit. Keep drawer keys with you. Use moving blankets and tape to wrap any desks or furniture that could be scratched during transport.


Do a computer backup prior to a business move, and keep that backup with you. Disconnect all computers, copy machines, phones, fax units and other electronics, securing labels on any loose cords to indicate where they belong for easy reconnection. Keep your laptop with you, but move any larger electronics with the rest of the items.