How To Cope With Relocation Depression

Moving can give you tough time. You start by making plans for your move and budget, arranging a moving company, dealing with all the packing and deciding what to do with the things you won’t be relocating – the list could go on and on. And then, when you have to get a new job, find new friends, move away from your family [...]

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How To Pack Dishes For Moving

What you need to pack plates for a move Before we move on to listing the steps to packing the fragile items in your kitchen, let’s say a few words about the supplies which you must have in order to avoid finding any pieces of broken kitchenware upon arrival in your new home. Reinforced cardboard boxes. If you follow closely the following tips [...]

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How To Unpack After Moving House

The process of moving house consists of a great deal of move related tasks whose timely and successful completion pre-determines how your entire residential move will play out. Yes, the relocation process is all about impeccable organization of the various jobs you are expected to take care of, and as you surely know by now, each stage has its signature task of monumental [...]

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9 Common Packing Mistakes You Don’t Have To Make

To help you have a stress-free move from start to finish, we’re offering you a glimpse at 9 common mistakes when packing for a move. Simply stay away from the following bad packing errors to keep things under control. #1: To start packing without a good planOne of the most common mistakes when packing for a move is to just start boxing any [...]

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25 Tips For Packing A Garage For Moving

So it’s true – you’re moving to another house pretty soon and you’re still wondering how to best organize the scary process of packing so that you have enough time to finish all the packing tasks on time. Some of these very tasks seem pretty straightforward (packing up your books, for example) while others don’t really appear that straightforward at all (packing all [...]

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5 Tips For Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

Follow these 5 hand-picked tips for labeling your moving boxes for your next move. #1: Get your labeling tools ready Good and timely moving tips can make your entire relocation as easy and fast as it can possibly go. Our advice on how to label packing boxes kicks off with a few words about what exactly you will need to create a good [...]

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Don’t Pass Up These Easy Ways to Make Money When You Move

Moving is way too expensive: You’ll pay for the movers, the truck, the packing tape—not to mention the new home. (Sorry, actually we just mentioned it.) Why not get some of that money back? Making money on your move isn’t as hard as you might think: After all, you already have the perfect opportunity to dig through your possessions and decide what’s worth [...]

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Hire Movers or Beg Friends? 3 Ways to Decide Who’ll Get Packing

It’s the week before your move, and the situation has gone DEFCON 3 in your house. And things are veering closer and closer to DEFCON 1. You’ve run out of boxes twice, full rolls of packing tape are a distant memory, and every drawer in your home feels like a vortex of packing misery. In between frantically dragging your unwanted gear to the curb and [...]

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8 Priceless Tips for Moving Your Valuables

The books can be tossed pell-mell into small boxes, the clothes hung in a wardrobe box, but what do you do with Grandma’s china and that big painting over the couch so that they get to your new digs unscathed? If you don’t have the cash to pay movers to box everything for you, or your moving crew consists of your cousin and [...]

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Moving During the Holidays: How to Jingle All the Way

Moving during the holidays: It’s a tough time to be uprooted or to feel like your life is in flux. You have family, friends, cocktail parties, shopping, decorating, cooking and plenty more going on already, so it’s not like you’ve got loads of free time. However, with the right preparation and a few deep, cleansing breaths, it will ll be over quickly—and you’ll wake up [...]

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