You can’t always plan a move to coordinate with your family planning, and every year thousands of women find themselves moving while pregnant.

When it comes to tips, advice, and special considerations — the best thing you can do to ensure both you and your baby come out of the move healthy and happy is to talk with your physician every step of the way.

Beyond constant contact with your doctor, here are a few other reminders:

1. Spend extra time on planning

A well-planned move will reduce your stress and minimize any complications.

2. Accept all help offered

Don’t be shy about asking friends for assistance or hiring help if you need it.

3. Find a new doctor

Locate a new doc in your new town before moving day.

4. Don’t be a hero

If you’re pregnant, don’t push yourself too hard, mentally or physically. It’s just not worth it.

5. Take care of yourself

Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and eat regular, nutritious meals.

6. Be realistic

Know your limitations. Communicate openly and often with your spouse, family, and friends about what you need help with.

7. Consider traveling ahead

Going to your new place or town a day ahead can help you avoid the crazy stress of moving day — as it is, you might not be able to help much. Use the opportunity to do some light cleaning at the new place, or simply enjoy a quiet night resting up in a hotel before the unpacking stage begins.