Moving is often time and money engaging, and there are always plenty of details to consider. One of them is dealing with your large furniture. You need to know if furniture will fit through the doors and windows of your homes so you can plan better your move. It is a minor detail that people tend to neglect and overlook when it comes to organizing the moving process but such a thing will cost you money and nerves. And you don’t need that for sure. So, our suggestion is to take a look at the advice that we have to give for planning what to do and the solutions if furniture will not fit through doors or windows.

How to Plan Large Furniture Relocation

  1. It is important to know if the furniture will fit through because you will need to make a good floor plan. If your furniture will not pass through doors and windows you can dismantle it, use rigging services or buy new furniture. A floor plan will make your relocation easier and more efficient.
  2. Take measurements. You need to know the size of your furniture first before moving it. Then take measurements of the doors, windows, halls and corridors of your current place and your new home. You have to see if the furniture will be able to leave your home before it departs for your new house or apartment. There is a particular route which your furniture will take in your old and new home and you have to plan that.
    What if your couch is too big and will not pass through your doorway? You can dismantle it!
  3. Plan the route and the method. Where will your furniture pass through? You may have to consider turning somehow a piece of furniture or moving it on an angle in order to be able to get it out/ in. Try to envision in your mind the process in details. Imagine getting your couch out of the room and down the stairs just to find out that there is not enough space to rotate it in order to get it through the front door. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations each large piece of furniture has to have its own route for the relocation day and you have to plan that. If you cannot, contact movers through the quote form and ask them to come over and check out the furniture that you have. They will know what to do to move it.


What If My Furniture Doesn’t Fit?

In case you’ve already began the moving process and/ or you have established that your furniture doesn’t fit through doors or windows, it is OK – just go to plan B. Here are some useful ideas about what you can do.

  1. Can your furniture be dismantled? If this is a solution you are happy with, you will need to find the specialists to do it and the tools. Moving companies usually offer such services and have experts that can safely do this job. And they come with the tools that they need so you won’t have to take the time to do it. This is an easier solution and it is less expensive than the hauling services.
  2. How would you feel in your new home? Can you imagine it? But before the move is finished, you need to work out what to do with the large furniture which you will not be taking.
    It cannot be dismantled. If your furniture cannot be dismantled, you can consider getting it in through the door or windows. Taking a piece of furniture up to the second floor to get it in through an opened window though requires planning as the movers will need particular equipment to get the job done. That is why if you have taken this solution as appropriate for your move, let them know and ask for the price so you can plan your budget.
  3. You can leave it. As a last resort, you can just get rid of such large furniture. Throw it away, sell it, donate it, or just give it away – whatever you prefer. This is an opportunity for you to get new things. Or you can just leave some things at storage for use later in time, or if you are not sure yet what to do with them. Sometimes you need an item until the moving day so it is not possible to sell it earlier, and often people don’t have another place available for such purposes besides one option – using a storage unit.
  4. Ask for the cost. Whichever services you will be using from moving companies, you should inform yourself of the cost of it. Get a quote in order to find out what it will cost you to move your furniture, if you have to dismantle it or get it into your new home through the window.


Here they are – 3 simple tips on how to know if your furniture will fit all the way through from your current to your new home, and 3 more simple ideas on what to do if furniture won’t fit through any doors or windows. It is easy to pick a solution if you have options to choose from. When will you be moving and what do you plan to do with your large furniture?