Packing for a move is always a big job. However, having the right supplies make it a little less stressful. Below are some items you should have on hand before you get started.

1. Boxes

When packing to move any amount of items, you will need boxes in a variety of sizes. Basic rectangular boxes will be suitable for most of the items you pack. However, certain items may be easier to transport in specialized containers. For example, wardrobe boxes with lids can be very useful if you need to pack hanging garments. Boxes can be purchased from an office supply store, packing supply store or moving company.

2. Tape

Tape is essential for keeping your boxes closed, as well as for reinforcement. Be sure to purchase enough packing tape to seal all of the boxes you will use, as well as some strapping tape to reinforce the bottoms of any heavy boxes you pack. You can also use clear mailing tape to attach labels to boxes if necessary.

3. Permanent Markers

Purchase a few permanent markers to use for labeling boxes.

4. Labels

If you don’t want to write directly on your boxes, or if you will be packing in reusable containers, you will need paper labels.

5. Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

To protect breakable items and prevent scratches, you will need an ample amount of packing paper and bubble wrap.

6. Scissors

You will need scissors to cut packing tape, rolls of bubble wrap and packing paper as you package items for your move.

7. Basic Tool Kit

If you are taking furniture apart before the move, you will need some basic tools.

8. Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is helpful for securing doors and drawers on furniture so that they don’t fall out during the move.

9. Small Plastic Bags

Purchase some small sealable plastic bags to keep screws, brackets and other small parts together.

10. Box Cutters

When you arrive at your new place, you can use box cutters to open everything quickly and expedite the unpacking process.