Regardless of the mover you choose, their primary concern is packing and loading your values for transport. However, the collateral damage incurred to the residence in the process may range from mild to extensive. We’re talking about damage to the carpet, tile, wall corners and banisters. So, how do you protect your home during a move?

A little foresight will prevent such a scenario and pay big dividends in reducing the stress of moving. Simple materials are available to cover all the areas subject to possible damage and preserve the appearance of the residence or building.
Strategy for Protection of the Home’s Interior

  • Lay a walkway from the entry door to the rooms consisting of large boxes cut in half and taped together.
  • Cover all endangered wall corners will cardboard taped to the wall.
  • Place blankets over all the banisters.
  • Use three-foot wide plastic tape as a walkway over the rugs.
  • Rug covered steps should also have tape installed.
  • Always have someone present during the moving process.
  • Be flexible on the time or date of the move enough to prevent doing so during periods of rain or adverse weather.
  • In a situation where you are moving a vehicle or other titled assets, use title to show ownership of those assets.