Have you seen that box? You know, the cardboard one? Who took the packing tape? Wait, where did we put the baby wipes? No, seriously, where are the baby wipes? For the love of God, find the baby wipes!

We’ve never performed brain surgery, but we can’t imagine it’s any more complicated than planning a move. Things. Get. Crazy. And while much of the madness is unavoidable, there are moving apps that go a long a way toward ensuring your move ends in success.

One of the most versatile moving-related apps is the appropriately titled Moving Day (free on the App Store). It allows users to create checklists, research moving companies and create unique bar codes that can be printed and attached to boxes to help you keep track of which box has the ever-important baby wipes.

For those who need a bit more guidance, the Moving Guru app may be worth checking out. Rather than focusing on checklists, it provides users with a task list to ensure that nothing major falls through the cracks (like, say, getting your mail forwarded). Users can also add tasks to their phone’s calendar to better stay on top of things.

Got your own favorite apps to help plan a surgery, er, move? Go ahead and leave a comment below.