Moving is always related to spending a lot of time in organization and preparation, not to mention the move itself. It could often be difficult to plan a relocation and it usually takes a few months to make a smooth move, especially if it is a larger one. Time is an essential asset for everyone, and it is even more important if you want to make a career. That is why knowing how to save time for a move is very important. Here are a few things you could do.

Save Time From Your Move Tips

  • Organize with a moving company. One of the key ways to make a move quicker is to organize it well. This means taking time to plan the move with a moving company. You could do it on your own, too, for sure, but trusting people who have a lot of experience in relocating homes is something that is definitely worth considering. In order to find out about the possible cost of your move just fill in a simple, free, non-binding quote.
  • Find helpers. If you do not want to use the services of a full moving company, you will need to find people to help you move. This means that you will need to speak with your neighbors, relatives, friends, colleagues on who is available on your moving day. The sooner you ask for help the more likely you will find it. Have in mind that people who go to work like you will need to know in advance if they are needed somewhere and when, so that they could plan it in their schedule as well.
  • Write it down. Here are top 5 free apps that can help you move. Write down what you want to move, deadlines for changing utilities, things to do like cancel or make subscriptions, documents to take out like from vet, school or doctor.
  • Use reminders on your phone for places to go like the DIY store or for appointments with people that are related to your move, and for everything else you deem necessary. A move will take less of your time if you are well organized.
  • One of the ways to save time when moving is to ask for help from a moving company. A professional relocation firm will do all the work much quicker than you could.
  • Make a list with the tasks for the next week and a list for the next day. Prioritize what is more important, when to do it and how, depending on the time that each task will consume. Distribute the things to do for every week, and when the week comes distribute the things to do for each day of the week, and then arrange your tasks for the different hours of the day. Just a simple 5 minutes in the morning will help you optimize your work for the day and for the week.
  • Plan what to move. It will help you organize the packing materials to purchase. If your calculations are correct, you will have the right amount and type of moving supplies. Often people have difficulties deciding what to buy and how much and many have to run to the store in the last minute, or have plenty of packing supplies left unused. Both options are time consuming. A moving company can help with those estimations.
  • Get the packing supplies. Do not wait till the last minute because there may not be one. Plan what sort and how much packing supplies you will need to use. Then go and get them at one time in the store. If you could avoid going several times for shopping the packing materials which you will need, you will save time. If you cannot make the calculations, again the movers could help you.
  • Pack well, pack smart. Label the boxes with their content and to which room they belong. In this way you will find more easily what you need instead of going through all boxes one by one and losing time in searching.
  • Gather all important documentation. Make a file with all the important paperwork like doctor records, school records, insurance paperwork, employment contracts, bank documents, etc. Place the documents from each institution separately for a better organization.
  • Make a floor plan. When you or the movers unload the bags and boxes from the truck or van, you will save time if they are placed directly in the room they belong to. You can also put labels on the doors of the rooms in your new home or beside the doors. Then, when you start unpacking, if you have a plan about the position of your things, it will take you less time to arrange each room.
  • This simple list with tips on what to do to save time before relocating will help you optimize your move for sure. Our advice is simple but efficient. Do you know more tips on saving time when moving? Let us know what you and make a comment!