Have you ever moved before? If yes, you don’t need us to tell you it could be stressful and tiresome. If not, surely the thought of relocating all of your household goods, yourself (and you family), your job and hobbies, utilities, probably etc. does not sound like a very exciting thing to do, at least not immediately. One of the things that can help you make your move a more pleasant experience is if you could try and keep your sense of humor all the way. Here are a few ideas that could brighten up your moving experience for you and for everyone else around you!

Sense Of Humor – So Useful!

  • While you prepare for moving day, there are other things that matter in relation to your move as well.
  • Looking for the positive aspects. It’s a matter of perspective. You can look at the moving process as a stressful event that you are forced to go through, or as the type of experience that can bring you new friends, places to visit, new environment in general. The things that you need to do will not change because you’ve changed your point of view, but your emotional experience of those things will change, if only you could give it a try. Look for things you like and appreciate about your move, and every evening, when you go to bed, focus on those positive aspects that you’ve managed to find during the day. This will probably also help you sleep better.
  • Use your sense of humor.If something goes wrong, while looking for ways to fix it, think about its funny side or the irony in it. If you feel like it is the worst thing that could happen, then only nicer things can happen from now on, right?

Colorful relocation

  • Humor gives color and life to every experience, moving included!
  • Look for things that make you laugh. Watch comedies with your family and friends, listen to nice music, read jokes and funny stories – just about anything that can help get your mood up. Make breaks while packing – it will help you gather your strength, and use the time to tell jokes to those around you.
  • Look for nice experiences – meeting friends you always have good time with (and a good laugh), spending time on things that are enjoyable for you like games at home or going to the cinema together. If you have kids, you can occasionally go out with friends of yours who have kids, too, so that your children will spend some nice time as well (and their energy) in games.
  • Print out on small cards jokes that make you laugh every time you read them, and spread the cards around the house on different places. Every time you look for an item or you take things out for packing, you will find such a card! It will also be a pleasant surprise for everyone else in your home and will surely be appreciated by those who are also engaged in the packing process.

Use your sense of humor

  • Make a goodbye party and in the meantime try spending more time with people whose company you enjoy.
  • Organize a moving party. Whether you will use it to get your friends to help you with the move, or just for fun, it is up to you to turn the event into a nice experience for everybody. Depending on what stage of the packing process you’ve reached, you may need to get plastic plates, cups and cutlery, in case all the glass and porcelain has been boxed. Prepare games you and your friends would enjoy like cards, twister or chess (it is up to you to decide). The whole point is to try and make this party a fun experience for everyone, yourself included.
  • On moving day. The movers are having hard time lifting and moving heavy boxes, even when they have the physical ability and knowledge to do it. One thing you could do which would be greatly appreciated is print out on small pieces of paper short jokes and stick them on the sides of some of the boxes. Whoever has to carry that box (you, or the moving labor) will be truly surprised! In order for the jokes to be visible and get the attention they are meant to, glue them next to the label with the room and content of the box.

As a conclusion we’d like to say: laugh and this will make every experience at least a bit easier for you! Try taking things easy, enjoy the small things in life like a good coffee or a nice chat with a friend, look for the positive aspects in everything around you, as keeping yourself in a good mood is beneficial for you in general, not just with regard to your relocation! Good luck with your move!