The inventory sheet is an inevitable part of every move. It helps guide your relocation, its organization, timing and can point you towards the cost of your move. But what is an inventory sheet, to ask in the first place. The inventory sheet in relocation is the list of items that you will be moving. It is very important to have one for a number of reasons which which we will now explain below. You will also read here some useful tips on how to create an inventory sheet so that you can make your move happen better and easier. So, what do you need to know and what do you need to do?

What Is An Inventory Sheet?

  • The inventory sheet is something that is essential for every move which you are a part of. It can help you get a better picture of what you will be moving by having a list that provides the information visually.
  • How much does your move cost? This is probably one the main questions for every move. If you want to know the price for your move, an inventory sheet is the start for that. Once you make it, you will be able to plan what sort of packing materials you will need and how much. And if the cost is too high, you can simply remove some items from your list (sell them, donate them, give them away or just throw them to the trash), until you are happy with what’s left.
  • Timing. A list of many things is more difficult to organize in terms of packing, if you will be doing the packing yourself. So, take a look at what you have for moving, and take the time to pack. Do a little bit every day, beginning with the items you are certain you won’t need until after the relocation, like clothes from a different season.
  • Organization. While doing the packing with the help of an inventory sheet, you can sign up boxes with their content and the room or person that they belong to, for example: “Kids’ winter clothes”. Then keep track of the boxes, too, so that once they all arrive in your new home you will be able to immediately notice if a box or a certain items is missing, particularly more costly ones like a laptop. With an inventory sheet, you can plan what to pack for each day. If your job is 9 to 5 like most people’s, finding the time to do the packing at once could be very difficult so an inventory sheet can make your work much easier.
  • The movers will need it.If you wish to hire movers, the first thing that they will ask you is what you will be moving. Based on your inventory list and the services you wish to have, they will give you an approximate calculation of your relocation.

How Do I Make An Inventory Sheet?

  • You need to know what you will be moving. Before making your inventory sheet, go through the premises of your house or apartment and write down the items that you will be taking. Those that won’t make it to the list, can be removed to a certain area of your home or a special room where you can decide later what to do with them.
  • What insurance options do you have? In order to be able to decide that, based on the worth of the items that you will be moving, you need to establish a cost. So, right next to each item you could write down what it is worth, approximately. And based on this informative list discuss with the movers the insurance options that they provide.
  • Do you have any special items for moving, like expensive or fragile things? These could be precious art pieces like painting, statuettes, grandfather clock, etc. More expensive items could be other pieces of heirloom; breakable stuff could include your home cinema system, large screen TV, china, items of emotional value as well, etc. They will need special, careful handling, and special packing. If you are not aware of how to handle those, here is how to pack fragile items. Alternatively, you can get a quote from movers and ask them to pack specifically those items, if you wish to organize and take care of the move yourself. Of course, the easiest option is to always request a relocation company to organize the move for you – professionals who are experienced can make a move better, quicker, and safer than you.