While it may not top your list of moving concerns, your mattress is actually one of your most important possessions. If your mattress helps you sleep soundly, it should be treated with care when it comes time to move: get mattress covers!

To take care of your bedding, consider purchasing mattress covers or bags prior to your move. While bags or covers aren’t required by all movers, they’re a hedge against any misfortune befalling your mattress.

The peskiest problem mattress covers can help to prevent is contamination from bed bugs. Most movers make every effort to offer a clean and sanitary environment during your move, but these parasites are tough to exterminate.

If any bugs make their way into your mattress during your move, you will have an acutely more painful problem than just the hassle of unpacking. With these pests on the prowl in big cities across the country, the problem shows no signs of a slowdown. Heed this advice: If you are moving to or from any densely populated city center, make sure to get mattress covers prior to your move.

Should you cover your box spring too? Well, if you’re springing for a cover for your mattress, you might as well lay down a few dollars more for a box spring cover.

Mattress covers don’t just stop insects: they also help prevent dust, pollen and dirt from getting into the mattress fabric during the move. And if you are sensitive to smell, a mattress cover can help keep out any odors lingering in the back of the moving truck.

When you take your mattress off the truck at your new place, make sure to remove the cover so the mattress can air out. Let any residual plastic odor from the cover fade away before you put your sheets on.