The moving day is a factor that matters in many aspects. That is why it is important to know what can and should influence your decision about setting a moving date. Perhaps you are wondering when exactly to move. Setting a moving date should not be done randomly and there are very logical reasons as to why. Here are a few factors to take into consideration before making your choice final.

How Do You Decide On A Moving Day?

Deciding on a moving date should be based on several factors:

  • Cost. Choosing a particular moving date is directly related to how much you are going to pay for your relocation. There are specific days which are more expensive – this is when the movers are busier, and thus moving costs could go up with as much as 20%. Those busy periods include weekends, holidays, beginning/ end of month, and summer months in general. If you wish to avoid paying more for your move, move in winteror just avoid weekends and holidays in summer.
  • If you want to choose a moving date that will allow you to spend less on your move, you could relocate in winter.
  • Saving money. There are a few ways to save on moving, if you have money issues, and one of them is your flexibility which is directly related to the moving day. In other words, if you want to pay less for your relocation, you can combine your moving date with someone else’s. In this way you will share one truck and pay less. The negative side is that there is a small risk for the movers to mix items between different owners. In order to avoid such an issue and solve it on the spot, if it occurs, make a list with all the boxes you’ve packed and their content, so label the boxes well: for example “kids’ clothes”. And keep a list with all of them. In this way on delivery you will be able to tell immediately if a box is missing. It takes some time to prepare such a list but as you can see it is worth it. It is advisable that you do it while packing.
  • Your needs.This is the most important factor for selecting a move-out/ move-in date along with forming your moving budget. Do you want to start a job in a particular time? Are you expected to go to your new job in a particular period of time? Do you want your children to finish the school year and then move? Do you want to avoid snow, winter and blizzards and move in the summer? Generally it is up to you to decide what moving period suits your needs and will be a convenient choice.
  • What is important when it comes to selecting a moving date: to wait till your children’s school year ends?
  • Movers availability. Setting a moving date is also up to the moving company. Usually reliable movers have more work – naturally, which means that you may have to book with them 2 or 3 weeks in advance to make sure they will be at your disposal whenever you want them to. Otherwise your move-out date will be up to when they are available. You may be able find movers in the last minute but there is no guarantee that as a customer you will be satisfied with the services you get. Don’t wait till the last minute to hire movers is a good general advice.
  • Time of the day. Besides specifying a move out date, consider also what time of the day to move. Generally it is a good idea to start early in the morning – you will have more time through the day if the movers are late because of traffic, or the relocation takes longer for whatever different reasons. You will have sufficient time to do what you’ve planned, if you start early through the day, and will be able to take your time and get a break, if you need it, rather than worry that you have to rush the work or hire more moving labor in the last minute because you want the job to be done quicker.
  • Rent. This is the last factor in our list but it is not less important than the others before it. If you are renting a place, check out the contract that you have. You may need to send a month’s notice for leaving and have the landlord’s approval before you go. Often rental contracts are for a certain period of time and if you wish to leave sooner you have to pay the rents until the contract expires or find a new tenant to pay them for you – not an easy task in any way.

As you can see, planning is the key to a good and well organized move. Setting a moving day should not be difficult now that you know which are the main factors to base your decision upon.